Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30 2010

We're screening and recoating a large gym floor for a local St. Louis private school. Generally, this should be done on an annual basis, for sports courts tend to have a high foot traffic, thus high abraision to it's finish. This will provide an additional barrier of protection, but will not fix any deeper scratches or dents that have damaged the floor. It will, however, create a greater shine for better reflectivity, which in turn will make the room have better line visibility for athletic play.

Summer is almost here and this is the time to have your gym courts refinished or recoated. Since schools are usually vacated for part of the summer, this is the opportune time to get them repaired also.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Professional Floors of St. Louis has become a leader in the installation, refinishing, and re coating of gym and sports court floors in St. Louis. A partial list of some of our more recent clients include Parkway West School District, Afton School District, Vianny High School, Kennedy High School, St. Louis Institute for the Deaf, YMCA, and Touch Point Autism Center. We also specialize in gym floor repair, line placement and painting, and customized gym logos. Please visit our web site at www.profloorstl.com for photos of some of our recent gym floor projects. Our gym floor refinishing process should provide clients with an ease of maintenance for years to come. Here is what the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association advises about refinishing Maple gym floors:

"From time to time, even the most meticulously cared-for maple gymnasium floor should receive a complete resurfacing. Resurfacing restores the luster in an older gymnasium surface, and assures long life and excellent performance. The frequency of complete resurfacing depends on numerous factors, but typically is performed about every eight to ten years.

A complete resurfacing is accomplished by first removing all layers of finish and game lines down to raw wood. Next, repair/replace any split boards or seriously damaged areas of the surface or subfloor. The maple surface is then ready to be lightly sanded to remove accumulated minor dents and scratches. Once the sanding process is completed, the resurfacing process follows the same general sealing, court lining and finishing procedures used during the initial installation of the maple flooring system."

A typical gym floor needs to be followed up annually with an additional screening and recoating to keep it's luster and durability. This maintenance process will keep gym and sports courts endure the intense athletic traffic they usually have during each season.